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Clones on the wall, left to right: Nigel Crane, Urs Rüegg.


Nigel Crane is a rare combination of artist, visionary, technologist and problem solver encapsulated as a Photographer and Film Maker.

His colourful career started in 1990s London with editorial music and fashion work which lead him to travel the globe, working with celebrities of all genres.

Throughout the digital transition, he explored the film world, embracing every available technology, adapting his photographic and lighting skillset to the moving image. Producing, Directing and DoPing projects for almost every subject imaginable and for a client list equally as diverse.


Urs «Martin» Rüegg has a unique blend of creativity, story telling, directing, technological knowhow and business prowess.

Inspired by his grandfather, a Portrait and Documentary Photographer in the 60s, he decided to combine his love of technology & creativity and master the Art or Film Making.

Realising his passion he founded Westpoint Films in 2013, now a leading commercial film entity in Zürich.

Starting as a software developer in his early days he gained razor sharp business skills co-founding the platform in 2005. After this venture he decided to go back to his roots and let creativity lead his way.

& a bulletproof crew

Art Directors, 1st & 2nd ADs, Production Managers, Set Design and Construction, Grip, Gaffers, Sound Technicians, Stylists & Wardrobe Management, Hair & Make-Up, … all available to meet your production requirements in any time frame.

All aspects of your project, from inception to delivery, can be catered for by our In-house facilities.

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Model at the Marlboro GOLD Film Set.